Social Commentary

As a student I opined on social issues, particularly as they pertained to millennial culture and social dynamics on college campuses.

11/22/15, The College Struggle is Society’s Struggle. In which the case for the legitimacy of  student protestors is made.

11/10/15, Why The Resignation Was Needed.  An argument in favor of the Junior Class President’s resignation; published in the midst of social unrest at Claremont McKenna College; over 2,100 hits.

11/5/15, An Afternoon In The Village. An experimental article that satirizes aspects of Claremont culture while also drawing attention to local businesses.

10/12/15, Snapchat: Medium for Cultural Exchange? A lighthearted look at Snapchat’s “Life Stories” feature.

9/29/15, Extremism: Bad in all Forms.  An in-depth look at the acrimonious political atmosphere of the Claremont Colleges, with an attempt to establish a basis for mutual understanding and respect.

10/16/14, Letters to Home: Bursting the Bubble. An introspective reflection on the purpose of higher education, comparing and contrasting my experiences abroad and stateside.