Dear Stadium

Near the edge of a lost city
the cathedral wails to a sky of birds
tip-toeing ’round the iron spire
an institution’s cry is sharp-edged,
like hawk-eyed parents ahead of schedule
the town square is a forgotten question
beside circles all the fashion rages

where o where did my mind go?
somewhere out of body, absolutely
the one straggling ‘long the endless curb
of a thousand gutter-clogged cul-de-sacs
a boy struts in matte pink shorts

huh… does he now?
bacteria packed in this here bullet
for the insolent, depraved, gum-smacking
no-good son-of-a-blank shit-talker:
won’t go through but he’ll feel it

so, you know my neighborhood, huh?
so, you own the neighborhood, huh?

& who, may I ask, gave you
this damn here right to pass me by
huffing and puffing, your righteousness is bleached
as if we didn’t show years ago who’s faster

forget it
like june forgot summer
and spring forgot the local train arrives
whenever it damn pleases

be damned

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