The Philosopher’s Verse

If I’m gonna think or do anything
might as well mean something to someone
is more or less what philosophers thought
in every battle that came to pass
blood was spilled for a thousand ruby stones
before forests gave way to our flames
I stood with my family atop the promontory
overlooking plains of restless buffalo.

The philosophers more or less told me:
The perennial man’s man overlooks
all how she adored him but for him
the perennial girl’s girl overlooks
all the things he sacrificed just for her
but for her he’s tramping down alleyways
kicking at wads of soiled newspaper
scrounging through dumpsters for old vitamins;
for the hard drives of pictures he burned
inside there was empty circuitry
addled, combustible tangles of wires
and vines surmounting where we once called home


  1. The last 7 lines of “The Philosopher’s Verse,” I think, are especially provocative. Strong imagery. Bleak? // Thanks for the like on my last post, “Where I Write.” I really appreciate your stopping by.


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