Early Days

The second week of school
is finally here, and
after this week there’s only
a bajillion more to go.

On Friday Mr. Murphy sliced open
a pig and then a frog.
I yelled “gross!” and he said
this is what scientists do
it’s in the name of science
or something.

On Monday Ms. Grannit told us
the start of every year’s a blessing
because you turn a fresh page.
I couldn’t remember: “Ms.” or Mrs.” –
one means you have a husband.

I think this year’s gonna be good.
I hope this year’s good and that
I sit by some cool people today
in the bleachers at the assembly.

I don’t want friends who are too cool,
like, jerkish cool,
but I still want them to be cool,
at least cool enough,
enough to not be uncool,
does that make sense?

I want to do something big this year,
like be the girl who starts a new club –
not a weird one, a popular one
for all the not too cool cool kids.

Okay, the cool ones can join too.


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