Nothin’ Like It

There’s nothin’ –

nothin’ like cold beer

after long Summer days

or maybe it’s Spring still 

stuck on the seventh floor

or maybe the sixth of this


sweating over a rotting carcass,

the air conditioning is lying!

I smell the miasma, I feel the miasma

it’s everywhere, cuz

soap can’t protect you from plastic

wifi piranhas slurping up hair gel

like kids with Slurpees at 7-11

as anxious fingers twitch hieroglyphically:

click… click-clack-click…

grinding teeth, click-clack-clicking –

smelly dissemblance!

Reeks I tell ya

REEKS-a-mendacity, of something bad

but they say there’s a difference

and God forbid there’s meaning in clicks

I’ll pack my bag and run

out the door or through a window

and you’ll know where to find me

know where to find me

still here

after long Summer days.


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