The Mighty Six-Eyed Monster



Build that ship young man

Build it good and strong

And sail the length of the sea

But don’t fall off, just keep going!

You’ll find of which I speak:

Flopping scabby tentacles

Quite the sad screech

Coughing up its entrails

Makes a proper feast

And plaintive in a way

For who hears the beast?

Not I, Not they

But you who sail far

Duty bound, indeed!

Bring the fleshy bits

In the hull of your ship

And safe journey home

For all of us wish to see

The mighty six-eyed monster

Somewhere out at sea


  1. Sometimes, the beasts we’re trying to conquer, are so unique, that only we would know that they exist, and, other people around us, can’t understand, and, there’s NO support we can find outside of us, we can only, look deep, within ourselves, for the strengths we need, to conquer it all…


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